Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fishlips Waterfront Bar & Grill, FL

Since, I’m usually only in Port Canaveral overnight I typically don't eat out. Hey, why risk the possibility of getting sick before a cruise? So, I pack food for the road, something for dinner and then muffins or something for breakfast in the room.  However, in the name of research and fun....I decided to see what options I might have for eating gluten free.

I looked at some of the local restaurants online and saw Fishlips Waterfront Bar & Grill. I decided to give them a call and confirm that they could accommodate a gluten free diet. After a long evening of swimming, at the Raddison at the Port, we headed out to Fishlips to give it a try.

Fishlips is located at the Port Canaveral and is situated beautifully on the water. Things were relatively quiet the night we ate there. We decided to visit off-season, on a week day so this was expected. I can imagine this would be a busy place on the weekends in the summer. It was dark outside, so I wasn't able to take any outside pictures. They do have some pictures on their website you can check out.

There are several different areas to dine. I made my way upstairs and outside to an open air eating area. Since it was cold, they had a covered deck that was kept warm by heaters. Also, that night they had a band playing which made for a fun atmosphere. Even though it's a bar and restaurant, I wouldn't hesitate taking children during those times. There were several kids with families eating that night.
OK, for the most important part...the food. Our waiter seemed to know what gluten was. He was able to tell us what things were gluten free and what would need to be modified. I got the crab legs with drawn butter, which is "usually" a safe choice. 
They were also able to offer Tuna. This was one of my favorite things of the night. The dish didn't last long as it was passed around the table.
When dining on the water, what dinner would be complete without steamed shrimp? I thought these were quite good as well. I decided to forgo the cocktail sauce pack. Who needs it if the shrimp are perfectly cooked & spiced?
To wrap everything up we also sampled this.....

Honestly, I don't remember what the fish was. The "fish of the day" maybe with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Just kidding....well, seriously I'm not really sure. Another gluten free friend had this and it looked good though. I'm always taking pictures of other peoples food. I know I have to be fun to dine with.

 And a simple salad with balsamic vinaigrette ....
The drinks were tasty too...lots of smoothies and frozen drinks to enjoy. 
So what's the verdict? I'm going back to Fishlips. This restaurant is conveniently located, has several gluten free options, a friendly staff and most importantly the food is good and I felt great!
To check out Fishlips online you can go to:
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