Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cape Canaveral, Florida

What do I love about Cape Canaveral, Florida? Well, for starters…it’s a cruise port. I love to cruise. I always have and now that I’m gluten free, I love it even more. We've been Cape Canaveral several times and we stay at the Raddison at the Port. I always look at other hotels but I always end up at the Raddison...mostly for one specific reason.
This is it......
Even when the resort is full you have plenty of area to swim and find solitude.
We’re not talking about 5 stars rooms here. Were talking about comfortable accommodations, the beautiful pool area, an outside tiki bar for drinks and FREE parking while you cruise makes it a favorite for me.
Yes, I said FREE PARKING while you cruise! When selecting your room you can choose several packages including the “stay & cruise package.” This also includes a free shuttle to the cruise terminal. Well, I say "free", but it is included in your package. Honestly, sometimes we use it…sometime we don’t. If you’re leaving on a weekend ,when the majority of cruises disembark, it's crazy busy. For those times, we prefer to shell out the cash and take a cab.  When we disembark on a week day, the crowds are manageable so we take the shuttle. You can always ask the front desk how many people are scheduled to take the shuttles on your embarkation day. Then you can plan according to what's best for you!
All that swimming can make you super hungry! After working up an appetite, we headed over to Fishlips Waterfront Bar & Grill. Check out my review.
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