Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tin Lizzy

If there's one thing I love, it's Mexican food. Well more specifically chips and salsa! After going gluten free, trying to find a restaurant that had chips that were safe, seemed impossible. Well, impossible to find until I discovered Tin Lizzy in Atlanta, Georgia. Tin Lizzy has become so popular, they now have 5 locations. I decided to visit the Perimeter location. It took quite a while to find a parking spot...which typically means you have to look for a while and ride around. But, it also means you're waiting for something really good.

Tin Lizzy's - Perimeter
When we arrived there was a band playing outside which made for a cool atmosphere. We did wait for a table but not more than 10 minutes for a table inside. Tin Lizzy has several gluten free options. First and foremost, I was there for the chips & salsa. I ordered the gluten free chips with Salsa Fresca and Queso Blanco.
We decided to cap off the night by sharing a couple of their grilled skillets. We had the Grilled Shrimp Skillets which were served with peppers, onions, salsa and other accompaniments. The skillets are properly called skillets as they're served in individual cast iron pans. Sorry I didn't take pictures of the skillets...I was too excited! The skillets were delicious and we had tons of food. One of the things I like most about Tin Lizzy is the fact that they have the gluten free items listed on the regular menu. There is no awkward moment trying to locate a "special" menu. There are plenty of gluten free options available so this is a  fun place to go out with friends and eat safely.
For more information you can visit Tin Lizzy online. Here's a link to their current gluten free options. Cheers to fun food...

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  1. Are you actually gluten-free due to health reasons, or just choose to be? Because you are actually wrong. Their seasonings contain gluten, which I have found most Mexican restaurants do not get.

    To be truly gluten-free, you would need to request that the protein and/or veggies you have ordered are prepared in a separate pan with gluten-free oil and seasoning. Otherwise, they're just another Mexican restaurant with limited knowledge of what gluten-free actually is.