Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Primo's Pizza

Ok, I'll say it...I'm embarrassed at how long it's taken me to sit down and write about the gluten free options at Primo's Pizza. I've eaten at Primo's Pizza in Boone, North Carolina so many times....I've lost count. Typically, when I head over to Boone, I'm relaxed....just enjoying the drive and most importantly their amazing gluten free pizza. The Boone, Blowing Rock area has amazing views, great shopping and now several gluten free options.
Primo's Boone, NC
Primo's Pizza a little gem nestled inside the Boone Mall. I stumbled on their restaurant a couple of years ago and now will drive over an hour or more just for their pizza.
Inside Primo's ~ Boone Mall, NC
After having the privledge of eating gluten free pizza all over the country. I can far, that Primo's is our favorite gluten free pizza. Every pizza that we have now is always compared to Primo's.
Primo's Pizza
Primo's for me is really the gold standard of fabulous gluten free pizza. The first 5 or 6 times I ate at Primo's pizza I literally had to question if it was indeed gluten free. Their gluten free pizza is served as an 11" pizza. We usually get two for three people...then we can take some home!

Primo's Pizza with Pineapple
Primo's also has other gluten free options including gluten free pasta. I've had there pasta once and while it was really good...the pizza is just too delicious to pass on. What's so wonderful about Primo's Pizza you ask? Well, everything about Primo's Pizza is perfect....the crust, the sauce and the cheese to topping ratio. Also, the consistency of deliciousness is also important. Every pizza I have there is cooked perfectly...every time.
Primo's Pizza Located in the Boone Mall

Next time you're in Boone, NC you should drop by Primo's Pizza for some of the best pizza ever...seriously. Or, if you're like us....make a special trip to Boone just for pizza!

For more information about Primo's Pizza you can check them out online!

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