Friday, June 7, 2013

Tommy's Brick Oven Pizza

You know I love pizza and I'm on a gluten free pizza mission. When I found out that I would be visiting Jacksonville, Florida I quickly started researching gluten free dining options. After searching the web, I discovered Tommy's Brick Oven Pizza offers gluten free pizza. Needless to say, I had to check them out! Tommy's is located in a strip mall, a few miles away from the Jacksonville Riverfront area, on Southside Boulevard. We asked a few locals about Tommy's Brick Oven Pizza. We began to quickly realize the locals affectionately refer to this place as "Tommy's," just Tommy's. When I got to Tommy's there was a huge line that reached the front door. This is definitely a popular place to eat. We traveled a long distance that day, so after ordering at the counter, we slipped away to a small table in the back of the restaurant.
Yes, I realize this picture is blurry but I couldn't help resist sharing it. Can you see the excitement and anticipation in our faces?
The gluten free pizzas are prepared on 12" crusts. For 3 people, two pizzas worked well. We definitely were full to say the least. (All in the name of research) Unlike some pizza places that offer gluten free pizza, Tommy's will make several of their specialty pizzas gluten free as well. We decided to "create our own"  pies for the night. This works extremely well, considering their website says all the toppings are gluten free except the meatballs. I'm so hungry for pizza...I just need to keep typing. The first pie was topped with fresh pineapple, pepperoni and onion.
For the second pie we had pepperoni, green pepper and onion. The pizzas were served piping hot on medium thick crusts. The pizza were quite delicious. The servers who brought our pizza were very attentive and helpful with our gluten free restrictions. For those pizza and beer people out there....they also carry gluten free beer.  It's been rumored that sometimes they offer gluten free dessert options. But, seriously, with all that pizza did I really need dessert? I was trying to be good...well somewhat good, so I decided to forgo dessert.
So what's the verdict? We'll be back to visit Tommy's Brick Oven Pizza on our next trip to Jacksonville, Flordia This place is fun, reasonable and most importantly...they offer great gluten free pizza!
You can visit Tommy's Brick Oven Pizza online to view their gluten free options.

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