Friday, May 31, 2013

Rain Restaurant and Bar

When at all possible, I like to dine twice at a restaurant. While this isn't always feasible, sometimes it is. Gluten free friends suggested we join them for dinner at Rain, in Abingdon, VA. I've passed by Rain Restaurant And Bar many times over the past couple of years and had no idea they would accommodate a gluten free diet. Thank God for gluten free friends! This is quite a popular place in downtown Abingdon. Rain is located near the Barter Theater, so this is the perfect place to drop in for a bite before or after a show.
Rain doesn't have a dedicated menu but several items can be modified to be gluten free. On both occasions, our servers were very attentive and would double check which items were safe for us to order. The entrees at Rain come with a salad, which doesn't seem to be them norm now with fine dining. For our salads to be gluten free we asked for no croutons, as well as the Balsamic Vinaigrette. The greens were crisp and the house prepared dressing had a nice balance of sweetness to acidity.
For my main course I selected the Shrimp N Grits. I've had Shrimp & Grits before however, this was the first time I've had it served with a soft boiled egg. The richness of the egg paired with the creaminess of the grits was heavenly. The shrimp were seasoned well and toss with their house BBQ sauce. The dish was also complemented with a subtle smoky flavor from the bacon. 
Kevin selected the Seared Atlantic Salmon for his entrée. Proper "doneness" can be quite difficult when preparing fish. However, we were pleasantly surprised with the temperature of the salmon. The dish is served with a delicious rum sauce that was full bodied, without being overly heavy. Basmati rice and brocollini rounded out the dish.
During my first dining experience, I was told that the Seared #1 Ahi Tuna was not gluten free. Let me first begin by saying, I LOVE AHI TUNA. I was a little disappointed that this wasn't an option but, the food I did have was really tasty. Kevin and I decided to go back to Rain for dinner again, because our first experience was so successful. My server for our second dinner said the Seared #1 Ahi Tuna was gluten free. She checked with the kitchen as well, regarding the gluten free status of the dish. I'm not sure if the tuna is naturally gluten free or if this is a dish that needs to be modified. So, if you decide to order the tuna, double check! No surprise...the Seared #1 Ahi Tuna was my favorite dish I've eaten at Rain. Actually, it's so perfect...I wouldn't change anything at all.
Kevin and I decided to forgo dessert but our dining companions choose a flourless chocolate cake and ice cream with they said was wonderful.

For more information or to view the menu, you can visit Rain Restaurant And Bar online.

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