Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kayak Kafe

Initially, I was a little nervous when I began investigating gluten free options in Savannah. In the past Savannah hasn't really been know for gluten free fare. I spent more time researching for this vacation that any trip I've been on in the last 8 years. I began by looking at the top rated restaurants in historic Savannah. Then I went over online menus, one by hopes of seeing some mention of food allergy or gluten free accommodations. I'm typically, a gluten free menu kind of girl. There are a few chain restaurants who offer the typically items. However, I quickly noticed that many of the restaurants in Savannah are locally owned. This turned out to be a very good thing. If a restaurant is developing their own menu and purchasing all of their ingredients locally...they know what's in every single dish! Isn't that a beautiful concept?

I found such a jewel, hiding in the historic district of Savannah... Kayak Kafe. It's tucked away on Broughton Street. I love walking from square to square in Savannah, so this makes their location perfect. In front on the café you'll find the very popular alfresco dining. The tables outside were full the day I dined, so I slipped inside to find a table. The décor and overall feel of Kayak Kafe is very casual, which is nice for a quick bite.

My tablemates with gluten free smiles...

I realized after a while that there is a fitness center in the other section of Kayak Kafe. Which somewhat makes since. The food here is a great separation from the typical "southern fried" food. I'm from the South and I'm not knocking fried foods, but it felt great to be eating this way...healthy and freash.  Kayak Kafe is known for featuring local ingredients and organic when possible. After we found a place to sit we began reviewing the menu. Right at the top the menu, which you can check out mentions that most items can be made gluten free.

Famous Roasted Tilapia Tacos

We decided to sample several items, including their tacos. The tacos can be served with a corn tortilla option, which is gluten free. They have mixed greens on the side, which have been tossed with a light vinaigrette dressing. To finish off the dish, the tacos are served with fresh limes and an herbed sour cream. The Tilapia in the Famous Roasted Tilapia was so moist. The fish had the perfect amount of seasoning and was topping with a fresh salsa. The acidic component in the salsa balanced out the mild fish perfectly.  

Roasted Lime Chicken Tacos

My other favorite taco was the Roasted Lime Chicken Taco. The cilantro, sweet corn and cabbage that topped the taco, with the contrast of the creamy avocado... brought so many different textures and flavors in each mouthful. These tacos were absolutely delicious!
Broughton Cobb with Creamy Ranch-Substituted Feta for the Gorgonzola 
We enjoyed our food so much at Kayak Kafe we made a second visit late one night. Kayak Kafe is open later than several of the other area restaurants. We took in a show at the Savannah Theater and headed over to the café for a late dinner.
Southwestern Wild Shrimp Tacos
There are several things I enjoyed about Kayak Kafe that brought me back the second time, in only three days.
1-The food was fabulous...some of the most flavorful I found in Savannah.
2-The cost...Kayak was one of the most affordable restaurants I dinned at during my visit.
3-The much food was offered that I couldn't finish my entrée. (There's usually someone in the group that can!)
If you'd like to learn more about Kayak Kafe you can check them out online.

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