Monday, April 29, 2013

Fuel Pizza

Simple, yet delicious! It's really not something you obsess about, until you can no longer eat it in the original form. For 8 years now I’ve been in search for “the best” gluten free pizza out there. I love to make gluten free pizza at home in my cast iron skillets. However, sometimes you just want to have the “full” pizza experience by dining out. So we traveled state to state, in search of our favorite gluten free pizzas. Hope you enjoy….

We decided to travel to Charlotte in hopes of finding gluten free pizza…and that we did! After researching gluten free restaurants in Charlotte, we decided to try Fuel Pizza. The Charlotte Celiac Connection names Fuel Pizza as “The Best GF Pizza.” After reading reviews we knew that our trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Fuel. After arriving at the restaurant, we trekked up to the counter and ordered not one, but two pizzas. I apologize for not taking more pictures. I could have sworn that I was snapping away with my camera. Honestly, more realistically, I was in a pure moment of pizza bliss. That’s probably why I don’t remember anything except how delicious this pizza was. The pizza I ate at Fuel had a thin crust…just like I like it. No overpowering “weird” flavors lingering on the palate. The “brick oven” crispiness added to crusts edge as well. I can’t wait to travel back to Charlotte. Fuel Pizza is sure to be on my list.

 Oh, I found another picture! Here’s Kevin inside Fuel Pizza…patiently waiting for pizza.
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