Friday, June 21, 2013

Outer Banks, NC

I've been traveling to the Outer Banks for over 17 years. There's really something special about the area. I've visited up and down the Outer Banks for the Corolla to Ocracoke Island and everywhere in between.
4 Wheel drive beach, Outer Banks
During my college years, trips to the OBX weren't complete with out dining at several local establishments. It wasn't until I went gluten free, nine years ago, that the dynamics of my trip drastically changed. I still enjoy going to the Outer Banks but my focus is more of the beautiful landscape and relaxation...two amazing things!

Swan Beach, NC
Over the last several years, I've found myself settling in area known as the Northern Beaches. I love to nestle into Swan Beach and Corolla, which can only be accessed by 4 wheel drive.

Wild horses, Outer Banks, NC
Most days you can see beautiful wild horses for the decks of your rental home as well as the beach. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a wild fox or two.  
One of the 5 wild foxes playing near the house
I often pick up groceries from several of the local fish markets and head up the beach. Yes...I drive on the beach. I really have no need to ever leave this beautiful area. This trip I decided to take advantage of lots of local, fresh seafood including, soft shell crab, clams, tuna, sheep's head and shrimp.
Soft shell crab with gluten free flour
Crab Boil
During my travels over the last year or two, the knowledge of gluten free dining across the nation has increased tremendously. So, on my recent trip to the OBX, I thought I would see how many places are now offering gluten free options. Several restaurants had signs up saying "gluten free" and even a few places mention gluten free options in the tourist promotional guides. As always, I recommend calling ahead of time to double check if they gluten free options and make reservations if  you can.

With all the beach trips and lounging by the pool, I couldn't try all the restaurants I've listed below. Well...I haven't tried them yet! If you've eaten at any of the restaurants, feel free to let me know.
Doing a drive-by...Bearfoot Bearnie's
Quaint shops, live music and dining in Duck, NC
The Outer Banks is also home to some of the well know chains such as Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Outback Steakhouse.

 Places to find gluten free grocery items:
Food Lion-Corolla
Quite a collection of gluten free items...things I'd never seen in my local market!
Harris Teeter
Duck, NC
Health-A-Rama-Kitty Hawk
You can also head over to Outer Banks eats Gluten-Free for many other gluten free options!

The Outer Banks is a fabulous place to unwind and be with nature. The relaxed atmosphere, quaint shops and water sports makes this destination perfect for the entire family. There's always a place you can kick back, listen to music and watch a beautiful Outer Banks sunset.


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